Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra

Sports bras make our lives so much easier. They give us support when we’re working out, not to mention they look great paired with a loose tank! But picking one that fits correctly can be a challenge. If I’m able to squeeze it on, does that mean it fits? Do all sports bras work the same? These questions are important to ask before you load up your shopping cart, because a bad sports bra can cause major discomfort and hinder your workout.

To avoid making a poor choice, read our sports bra guide to find some tips on how to pick the right sports bra!

Which size?
While some sports bras are measured in small, medium and large, you’ll find the best fit when you buy sports bras that align with regular bra measuring guidelines. That way, you’ll know for a fact your sports bra will fit. If you don’t have that option, make sure to try on the sports bra before you buy it. Just because you think a medium will fit you doesn’t mean it necessarily will! If the sports bra fits comfortably and the bands don’t ride up in the back, you most likely have found the right size.

Amount of compression?
Compression really depends on personal preference. For some women, they hate when their chest is completely pinned down. Others can’t stand when they’re running and feel that unwanted bouncing. Bras without underwire will usually have more compression, so if you want a tight fit, opt for those! But remember, just because you’ve chosen to have tight compression doesn’t mean the bra should feel uncomfortable. If you’re struggling to get in and out of your sports bra and have a hard time breathing when you’re in it, chances are your bra is too small.

Low, medium or high impact?
Before you buy a sports bra, you should always think about what you’ll be using it the most for. Do your workouts mainly involve running? Do you go to yoga every other day? Most sports bras offer one of three different impact levels: low, medium and high. Low impact is for simple activities like walking, and these bras often offer the least amount of support. High-impact bras are for things like intense cardio and have great support. No impact level is better than the other; it just depends on what you’re going to use the bra for so you can have the proper support!

Spaghetti straps or thick bands?
You probably already know that the two main types of sports bras have either thin straps or thick bands. The difference between these lies in the adjustability. With a pullover sports bra, you’re able to get more compression, whereas a strap sports bra allows you to adjust the strap length for better support. If you have a larger chest, we recommend opting for the adjustable straps, because this will give you optimal comfort and management. If you have smaller breasts, a thick-banded sports bra is just fine for you!

To cup or not to cup?
Exercise bras can come with or without pads. The decision is up to you. A cupped sports bra gives your breasts a lot of great support, but sometimes they don’t allow for tight compression. This can lead you to feel like you’re wearing a regular bra! If you want something strictly for sports, we suggest going without the cup. But if you’re going to wear the sports bra on a regular day, feel free to go with the padding!

Just like regular bras, sports bras have an expiration date. Make sure you know when to get a new one so you’re not left wearing a poorly fitting bra!

Once you educate yourself on the tips and tricks of a good sports bra, it’ll be much easier to go buy one. In the end, it’s completely up to you and your body to decide which fits and options work best for your body type. All of our suggestions will ultimately help you feel better and more comfortable in your own skin, which translates to a more confident and healthier you!

We have a great selection of supportive sports bras that meet all of this criteria, plus more! Browse online at In the Mood Intimates today and comment below if you have a favorite sports bra feature that wasn’t listed.

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