Monday, December 28, 2015

New Years’ VPL Resolutions

Tired of visible panty lines? Not willing to go commando? We understand, and we can help! We’ve come up with some of our favorite panty fashion advice to help you dress your best without showing off what’s underneath. Whether you’re looking to dress to impress this New Year’s Eve or all of 2016, follow our tips below to limit and eliminate your risk of VPL.

What Are VPLs? Visible Panty Lines occur when your butt cheeks meet the tight, elastic part of your panties. The elastic dips in, and your cheeks bulge out, creating a visibly indented line through your clothing. The basic ways of achieving no VPLs include: completely avoiding these indents with the right underwear, scooting them down where they simply aren’t visible and strategically covering and hiding the lines with your outer garments.

Selecting the Right Underwear – The easiest way to eliminate VPLs year round is to buy underwear that fits properly. They should cover your buttocks without digging in too tightly – too tight and you’ll see an indent. You should also avoid underwear that is too loose, as those can easily wrinkle up and leave you stuck with unwanted lumps and bumps. Experiment with different sizes and different brands until you find the ones that are right for you!

Fabric Matters, Too – Once you’ve got your size down, remember that certain panties are also more or less likely to show depending on what they’re made with. Elastic and spandex panties usually provide the best seamless fits. Flat lace is ideal for making VPLs less noticeable. Cotton, while comfortable, often bunches up, creates visible wrinkles and crinkles and has thicker elastic that shows through clothing easily.

Thongs, Shapewear & Other Choices – No matter how well your underwear fits, there are some outfits that will always reveal full underwear. Thongs and G-strings simply have no lines that can show, making them an easy choice for many women. Be wary of your thong showing when you sit or squat however; low-rider jeans tend to expose the tops of many thongs.

Not a thong fan? Try body shaping underwear or boyshorts panties! While shaping underwear can have some constricting properties, it is often the go-to solution for celebrities and can give you a smooth and sleek look from head to toe. Additionally, boyshorts are great as they usually end under the butt cheeks instead of cutting across.

Cover It Up - Not looking to change your underwear but still want to get rid of VPLs? Try wearing thicker fabrics with more texture. Prints are perfect for masking VPLs, and textured fabrics can hide lumps and lines, even if your outfit is tight. Finally, old-school slips are also a great option!

Always Dress for the Outfit – Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all-outfits underwear. Every outfit is different, and different types of underwear will work best for each one. Take extra care when wearing slimming clothing, and remember to always check yourself out in the mirror before you go out! Sit, stand, walk around, dance… whatever you’re planning for the night, test it out before you go.

Have your own tips for getting rid of panty lines? We’d love to hear them - share with us in the comment section below!

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