Thursday, November 19, 2009

Something on everyone's wish list

This year the one thing that we are seeing on everyone' wish list is Lytess products. We have several garments by Lytess that slim you down and help with cellulite. They are the slimming bike shorts and capris and the micromassage shorts and capris.
  1. The slimming bike shorts and capris have show the following results: In clinical tests, wearers have reduced up to 2.1" from their hips and 1.2" from their thighs in just 21 days!
  2. The micromassage shorts and capris are made with orange peel extract and clinical tests performed by a European independent laboratory have shown results of an improvement in the skin appearance by up to 46% within 28 days.
All of the items make a great gift idea for the holidays or treat yourself and have a slimmer you by the end of the year.

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