Monday, July 21, 2008

Know Your Bra Shapes

How many bras should you have? The average woman owns eight, including an underwire, sports, padded, and push-p. Advances int he bras are engineered have led to more comfort and more options (and more confusion). Over the next few blogs we will talk about the choices...

No Underwire
what it is: An everyday bra; no wiring or padding but provides excellent support
fit tips: Maximum comfort in seamless cups. wider, adjustable straps and below the bustline bands support softer shaping and provide lift for larger cup sizes.
example: Grenier Extreme Comfort Soft Cup Cotton Bra

what it is: A seamless bra with flexible underwire construction that works under fitted T-shirts and other form fitting tops.
fit tips: Look for the stretch foam lining, which ensures smooth contour and a cushion of comfort.
example: Chantelle Africa T-Shirt Bra

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