Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra

Sports bras make our lives so much easier. They give us support when we’re working out, not to mention they look great paired with a loose tank! But picking one that fits correctly can be a challenge. If I’m able to squeeze it on, does that mean it fits? Do all sports bras work the same? These questions are important to ask before you load up your shopping cart, because a bad sports bra can cause major discomfort and hinder your workout.

To avoid making a poor choice, read our sports bra guide to find some tips on how to pick the right sports bra!

Which size?
While some sports bras are measured in small, medium and large, you’ll find the best fit when you buy sports bras that align with regular bra measuring guidelines. That way, you’ll know for a fact your sports bra will fit. If you don’t have that option, make sure to try on the sports bra before you buy it. Just because you think a medium will fit you doesn’t mean it necessarily will! If the sports bra fits comfortably and the bands don’t ride up in the back, you most likely have found the right size.

Amount of compression?
Compression really depends on personal preference. For some women, they hate when their chest is completely pinned down. Others can’t stand when they’re running and feel that unwanted bouncing. Bras without underwire will usually have more compression, so if you want a tight fit, opt for those! But remember, just because you’ve chosen to have tight compression doesn’t mean the bra should feel uncomfortable. If you’re struggling to get in and out of your sports bra and have a hard time breathing when you’re in it, chances are your bra is too small.

Low, medium or high impact?
Before you buy a sports bra, you should always think about what you’ll be using it the most for. Do your workouts mainly involve running? Do you go to yoga every other day? Most sports bras offer one of three different impact levels: low, medium and high. Low impact is for simple activities like walking, and these bras often offer the least amount of support. High-impact bras are for things like intense cardio and have great support. No impact level is better than the other; it just depends on what you’re going to use the bra for so you can have the proper support!

Spaghetti straps or thick bands?
You probably already know that the two main types of sports bras have either thin straps or thick bands. The difference between these lies in the adjustability. With a pullover sports bra, you’re able to get more compression, whereas a strap sports bra allows you to adjust the strap length for better support. If you have a larger chest, we recommend opting for the adjustable straps, because this will give you optimal comfort and management. If you have smaller breasts, a thick-banded sports bra is just fine for you!

To cup or not to cup?
Exercise bras can come with or without pads. The decision is up to you. A cupped sports bra gives your breasts a lot of great support, but sometimes they don’t allow for tight compression. This can lead you to feel like you’re wearing a regular bra! If you want something strictly for sports, we suggest going without the cup. But if you’re going to wear the sports bra on a regular day, feel free to go with the padding!

Just like regular bras, sports bras have an expiration date. Make sure you know when to get a new one so you’re not left wearing a poorly fitting bra!

Once you educate yourself on the tips and tricks of a good sports bra, it’ll be much easier to go buy one. In the end, it’s completely up to you and your body to decide which fits and options work best for your body type. All of our suggestions will ultimately help you feel better and more comfortable in your own skin, which translates to a more confident and healthier you!

We have a great selection of supportive sports bras that meet all of this criteria, plus more! Browse online at In the Mood Intimates today and comment below if you have a favorite sports bra feature that wasn’t listed.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The History of The Modern Bra

Almost all women wear bras, but few know the origins and evolutions of bras as we know them. Read on for a brief primer of the evolution of bras.

The history of bras actually begins in the early 14th century. Wall paintings of ancient Minoan female athletes depict them wearing what we would call a bandeau today. The long thin strips offered support while these athletes competed in athletic feats. Find the modern equivalent with our Coobie Comfort Strapless Bandeau Padded Bra.

In the early 1500s, undergarments for women entered an era they would remain in for four centuries: the era of the corsets. Each corset was built to help women achieve the most desired shape of the time. Waists were cinched while the tops were more open, creating a v shape from a woman’s torso. The entire design was typically held together by whale bone or an equally stiff supportive material, and then women would lace these corsets in the back. Luckily, today corsets are made from much more comfortable materials, and create a more hourglass shape for women. Also today, many corsets are worn for decorative purposes or in burlesque settings, as opposed to their original uses as purely undergarments. One modern take on the corset is our Shirley of Hollywood Leopard-Print Cotton Sateen Corset.

As more and more negative effects of early restrictive corsets became apparent, the women’s undergarment industry began to seek out more health conscious designs. With this aim, the girdle was born in the Edwardian era. Created by Madame Gaches-Sarraute in Paris, the girdle was essentially a backwards corset, lacing in the front instead of the back. The design created an S-Shape in women’s figures, and instead of putting downward pressure on a woman’s internal organs like a corset, the girdle supported and raised the abdomen. At the same time, it allowed the hips to jut back, creating a new look to match the new fashions of Edwardian times.

The first vestiges of what we now imagine a bra as began in Paris in the late 1800s. Herminie Cadolle cut a corset into two parts, and supported the upper half with straps. In the early 1900’s, mass production of bras begins. At this point in time, most bras were still made in the material that corsets were made of, producing a less than comfortable fit. In 1910, Mary Phelps Jacob solved this problem with a bra made of silk handkerchiefs and ribbons.

After this, the evolution of bras took off, the shapes evolving to fit the trends at the time. In the 20’s this was boyish bandeaus to compress the chest to work with the slim flapper look. In 1932, cup sizes were invented, creating the sizing system that we still use today. After 1940, torpedo style bras came into popularity after the shape was credited with offering extra protection for women working in factories. This style prevailed through the 50’s until 1960, when the pushup bra gained prevalence. In the 70’s, the first sports bra was invented to keep up with the growing popularity of fitness. The advent of the 2000’s brought many bra designs as we know them today. Strapless, one strap, racerback, and others gained popularity throughout the 2010’s as well.

Next time you wear your bra, you’ll be armed with the knowledge of its lineage – and appreciate its transformation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The race for a great racerback bra… The Passionata Starlight Plunge T-Shirt Racerback review

The race for a great racerback bra The Passionata Starlight Plunge T-Shirt Racerback review

I want to be honest, I am not a racerback bra fan. I hate the front closure that are on most of them and I never like how the bra straps sit on my shoulders. Then whenever I did get one, I was always upset because somehow the straps still showed no matter what style of top I wore. Then came the Passionata Starlight Racerback Bra. When we received this bra into the shop a couple of weeks ago and I took it out of the box I said I have to give racerback bras a try one more time.

The Passionata line is manufacturered by the same company that makes Chantelle. The same quality is seen in this bra as any Chantelle bra that I own. It is a true t-shirt bra as you could not see it under any clothes that I wore. The cups are contoured that gives you lift and support while providing a rounded shape. Plus you have the added benefit of being lightly padded for modestly.

This bra definitely has a plunge to it making it perfect for all different types of shirts. It is a underwire and the center gore is almost like a triangle with the underwires touching. I thought this might be uncomfortable at first and it did take some adjusting but overall it works for this bra. The sides have sewn-on elastic at the top and a wide textured pattern on the bottom, making the fit snug and comfortable.

The V-racerback detail is quite unique. It features a soft mesh triangle framed by the wide textured lace pattern that is seen on the sides of the bra. It has a triangle center to accommodate a keyhole shirt nicely.

The straps in the front are adjustable with coated metal hardware and a back hook and eye closure that is slightly padded with coated metal hardware.

Just like with any Chantelle bra that I get, the sizing was perfect for me. This bra was like putting on one of your favorite jeans. I needed to adjust it a little to get everything into place but once that was done, everything stayed in place the whole day. I could not get over that I did not need to adjust the bra at all during the day. This will fast become one of the favorite bras.

The V Racerback did show through top of my tank top but I did not mind because of the lace detail, it seemed that it almost should be seen. Also the way the sides taper to the hook and eye closure there is absolutely no back fat going on.

This bra comes in a 30-38 band and a C-H cup.

The bra gives you a full rounded shape with tons of lift and cleavage. The bra itself could be worn with a many different style tops that you are looking for making it a versatile bra for anyone to have.

It fit smoothly under all the shirts that I tried it with including the clingy tank top. This bra is meant to be seen from the back but the cups are so smooth in the front it makes it perfect for any t-shirt.

Currently this bra only comes in Perfect Nude. Hopefully they will add some fashion colors or bring back the Black from last season. The bra has made me a convert on racerback bras. I am thrilled about this upcoming summer because of it.

Contruction/Material/Design: A
Fit/Sizing: A
Looks: A

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Signs It’s Time for a New Bra

We all have that one bra we love more than all the rest. It’s the one we automatically grab when we open our drawer and plan our outfits around. But how do you know when it’s time to retire your bra? How long do bras last? You might be under the impression that they last a long time, but in reality, they can only be worn six to nine months before they need to be replaced. And as much as you love that special strapless that’s been there for you through it all, it’s better to know the facts about bras than wear something that can cause you discomfort.

So with all of that in mind, here are five signs it’s time to ditch your old bra and get a new one.

You’re Wearing It on the Tightest Hook

Many women don’t know this, but when you first buy a bra, it should naturally fit on the loosest hook. The other clasps are there for when your bra gets worn out and you need a tighter hold. When you reach the point where you’re wearing it on the tightest hook and it still feels loose, it’s probably time to invest in a new bra.

The Wires Are Poking Out

There’s nothing quite as annoying as a bra wire poking you constantly throughout the day. Good wiring is important in a bra because it’s what lifts and shapes your breasts, so when your wiring is coming undone, it can not only cause you serious discomfort, but it can cause your chest to lose its perkiness.

It’s Stained Beyond Cleaning

Sweat, food and other unidentified stains can really take a toll on the health of your bra, and also these stains make it look unattractive. Instead of keeping it and avoiding tank tops because you don’t want your embedded sweat stains to show, buy a fresh one that’ll stay clean for a while.

It No Longer Has Elasticity

When the band and straps begin to feel loose, it’s a good indication you need to hang the bra up for good. An easy way to test this is to pull the straps like a rubber band. If they snap back against your skin quickly, then all is well. But if they slowly retract or don’t move at all, you definitely need a new bra.

It Doesn’t Fit Anymore

Women’s breasts are constantly changing, so it’s not uncommon for once great-fitting bras to be too tight or loose a couple months later. Make sure you regularly measure for your correct bra size and are aware of what a properly fitted bra should feel and look like so you aren’t walking around wearing a badly fitted bra.

We know it can be hard to let your favorite bra go, especially when it made you feel so good and special when wearing it. But buying a new bra can be equally as satisfying, and in the end, it’s better to take care of your clothes and body to make sure you’re as comfortable and confident as possible. Now that you know when to buy a new bra, give it one last go and then invest in a new one. To make your life easier, In the Mood Intimates has a selection of wonderfully fitted and carefully made bras you can shop for, including our popular and reliable demi bras and t-shirt bras.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Find Your US & UK Sizes Using This Easy Chart

At In the Mood Intimates, we know how nerve-wracking it can be to order a bra online. With so many brands, styles and sizes, it can be really daunting to figure out which one will work best with your unique shape.

We’ve created this handy chart to help you calculate your bra size and make an informed decision.. Make sure to pay special attention to the difference between US and UK sizes; different brands use either of these sizing systems to categorize their bras, so it’s important to know your size using both systems.

If you have trouble calculating your size or want to know more about the brands we carry, visit our website here. If you want to learn even more about the intricacies of sizing yourself at home, check out our source here.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lingerie Gift Guide for Guys

It’s every husband’s or boyfriend’s nightmare: Your anniversary is coming up, and you don’t know
what to get your lady. You want to show her how much she means to you, but you also want to get her something that she will end up using. It also doesn’t hurt if you benefit from the gift as well.

That’s why lingerie is a perfect gift for an anniversary. Your gift will help her remember how sexy you make her feel, and since you’re doing the shopping, it’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy as well. However, with a plethora of different colors, materials and types of lingerie to choose from, it’s easy for a guy to get overwhelmed. We’ve taken the liberty of coming up with a lingerie gift guide, so no matter what your lady’s personal style, you’ll be sure to find something she’ll love.

Finding Out Her Size

There’s nothing worse than receiving a wearable gift that’s in the wrong size. Make sure you don’t commit this gift-giving faux pas by finding out exactly what your significant other’s size is. Finding this out before you begin your search for sexy lingerie is important, because some lingerie designs are better for different sizes.

The best way to go about this is to pay attention to what bras and panties your significant other wears the most. Sizes, styles and materials can differ greatly from brand to brand, so if your sweetheart has one that she is particularly loyal to, take heed. These undergarments are probably the ones that are the most comfortable to her, and you want to make sure that she’ll actually enjoy wearing whatever you decide to purchase for her. Once you’ve narrowed in on what her favorites are, find the tag. In most bras, the tag will be located on the backside of where the bra clasps together. This will give you the proper cup size, which corresponds to a letter, and the proper band size, which corresponds to a number.

Another option is to visit a lingerie store with your significant other and have her measurements taken by a professional. Walking into a brick-and-mortar store and getting help from a professional will ensure that whatever gift you get for your lady will fit perfectly. This does, however, eliminate the element of surprise, so if you want to catch her off guard with a perfect gift, you might have to improve your lingerie sleuthing skills.

Types of Lingerie

Once you have her size, you’re faced with the task of figuring out exactly what style of lingerie to buy. Babydoll dresses are a great option for women whose problem areas are their stomach and hips. These feature an empire waistline, meaning that the cinching in the garment is just below the bust. This allows for the fabric beneath it to flow loosely and freely. For larger bust sizes, we recommend our Affinitas Lea Underwire Babydoll. If you want something that’s simple but still sexy, we recommend going with the Shirley of Hollywood Snowflake Babydoll.

Another hot lingerie option is a teddy. These bodysuits may not offer quick removal for when things get hot and heavy, but you’ll surely appreciate the flattering effect achieved by their form-fitting nature. Our Arianne Brandy Teddy features lace see-through panels on the sides that continue to the back for a touch of raciness without being over the top. If your lady is more daring with her lingerie choices, the Hanky Panky Zip Me Down Thong may be a better option with sheer lace and an edgy front zipper.

Choosing a Color and Material

Lingerie comes in a variety of different colors and materials, and it’s important to consider all of your options when buying a gift for that special lady in your life. Are you looking for something a little edgy? Blacks and reds are sure to wow. If you want something more subdued but still sexy, go for jewel tones. A pastel like lavender or pink can make tan or dark skin tones pop. Most importantly, make sure the color is one she likes.

In the realm of materials, it’s important to consider the ultimate goal with the lingerie item. Is the sheer see-through element the most exciting part? Go with a lace or breathable synthetic mesh. These will offer visibility, but be forewarned: These materials may be scratchy to those with sensitive skin. Silk and satin are much softer and offer a shimmery and glossy appearance, respectively. Satin in particular is a delicate fabric, so special care will need to be taken to ensure your lingerie item doesn’t wear over the course of several washes.

No matter what style, fabric or color you choose for your lady, In the Mood Intimates is sure to have options for all of your needs!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Fall In Love With Your Bra

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so why not show yourself some love this year and finally commit to finding the bra that’s perfect for you? The perfect bra is not only pretty, but provides the support and comfort your breasts need to look great and stay firm and youthful for as long as possible. A bad bra can ruin not only your well-planned outfits, but can also cause shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches and even more health problems. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to help you find the best bra and the most comfortable bra for you.

How to Measure Bra Size

One of the most common mistakes women make when purchasing a bra is simply getting their size wrong. The first step in measuring your bra size is to determine your band size. While wearing no bra or a non-padded bra, use a tape measure directly under your bust to measure around the bottom of the band. Remember, the tape measure should be level all the way around and snug. If you hit a half number or odd number, simply round to the nearest whole number.

To measure your bust size, repeat the process with the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest. During this measurement, make sure the tape measure is not too tight. Take a full breath in and out to allow the tape measure to reach the most comfortable position, but make sure it’s still touching and snug. Finally, to calculate your cup size, simply subtract your frame size from your bust size. For example, if your band size is 30 and your bust size is 32, your size should be about a 30B (32-30=2=B). If your band size is 32 and your bust size is 36, your size should be about a 32D (36-32=4=D).

If you don’t trust your own measurements, most lingerie stores are willing to help you find the perfect size (whether you choose to buy there or go back home and buy online is always up to you). Remember, however, that finding the right bra is an art, not a science. Some bras that are the same size but are made by different companies may feel different. Additionally, bras that are the same size but different types will also fit and feel different.

Finding the Right Bra Type

Unfortunately, finding the right bra is often just a matter of trying on lots of bras. However, once you find the kind that suits you best, you can order with ease! The right bra should not: leave marks on your shoulders, have straps that continuously fall down, ride up on your back, pull your shoulders forward or fail to touch your breastbone. The right bra should: comfortably and completely hold your breasts without causing them to bulge over and hold them in a central position.

Depending on your size, breast type and outfit of choice, certain bras often work better than others. To make small or shallow breasts look fuller, opt for a push-up bra. To get a smooth, clean and even look under t-shirts, try a contour-cupped t-shirt bra. When you need a strapless bra, aim to pick one with a wide band and thick underwire so you remain supported. Wireless bras are the most comfortable and work wonders to provide full coverage for larger or splayed breasts. If you need a bra to pick up hanging breasts, consider a well-structured, multi-part bra with seams to get back the structure and shape you want.

No matter what type of bra you’re searching for, you can find it at In The Mood Intimates. From the most comfortable of bras to the most sexy, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we provide sizing charts to help ensure you can find and order the perfect bra for you!